Welcome to The Podcast Forum (and Forum Rules)

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Welcome to The Podcast Forum (and Forum Rules)

Post by StephenJondrew » Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:05 am

Welcome to The Podcast Forum, I appreciate that you came by. Since we know that you've got podcast work to get to, we'll make this post short and sweet. With a sea of social media groups on podcasting, you may be wondering why The Podcast Forum was created. Over the last 6 months or so, there's been a notable amount of podcasters expressing frustrations about these groups being asked the same questions repeatedly due to a lack of easy categorization and organization available on these platforms. This organization of timeless content has always been a strong feature for community forums and thus the birth of The Podcast Forum. Many of the still-successful forum communities are those where a shared topic is discussed but by a variety of different experience levels with the subject matter. Since podcasting is just like this, we hope that The Podcast Forum will succeed too.

While you may find that some areas are a little empty right now, we've tried to organize the board in a manner to allow future organized future growth. We'll also continue to monitor trends and if a new section needs to be added or modified, we'll make the appropriate changes. Thank you for coming by The Podcast Forum and please check out the following rules before posting.

Just like podcasting itself in a lot of ways, it's important for us to build a community at The Podcast Forum. In turn we've got some simple rules/guidelines to help with this. Rules may be modified as needed.
  • Be Nice To Your Community Members - Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • No Spam. Given that some topics will require linking back to your show (such as if you're asking for help diagnosing a problem), we definitely do not have any strict "no links" policy. However, blatantly spamming your podcast/site will not be tolerated. Posts are evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • No pornography or similar adult material.
  • No illegal activity. This includes stealing work, illegal resources, etc.
  • If you're giving advice/commenting on a podcasting service that you are in any ways affiliated (such as sponsored by, works for, affiliated with), you must clearly state this. As such it's recommended you place a disclaimer in your signature if you work for a podcast company.
  • No affiliate links.
Forum Practices
In order to help prevent excess post duplication and make for an easy user experience, please follow these best practices.
  • As the forum grows, use the search feature if needed to help answer a question that may have previous been answered.
  • Please look for the appropriate place to post a topic before posting it. If you get the wrong forum and a moderator moves it, no worries. We're just trying to keep it sorted.
  • Note that moderators may merge, delete or lock topics as needed to keep the forum easily navigated.
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