Odd problem with sound effects increasing in volume

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Odd problem with sound effects increasing in volume

Post by yakko » Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:20 pm

I've been having an odd problem where my sound effects will occasionally increase in volume towards the end of the clip. My audio chain is like this:

iPad Pro -> camera connector adapter (for USB out) -> UCA202 -> RCA into Behringer X1204 USB mixer Line in channel 7/8
Microphone -> SS-1 preamp -> XLR into Behringer X1204 USB mixer (phantom power on) channel 1

Behringer X1204 USB mixer Aux send 1 -> UCA 222 -> USB into PC
Behringer X1204 USB mixer USB output -> Mac

Here's a screenshot of audacity where I played the file three times in iJingle, then 3 times in Bossjock.

I recorded the audio using Zencastr and Audacity on my PC and Audio Hijack on my Mac. It seems that if I played the file twice in a row it would sound fine the second time, but that's obviously not optimal. I've also uploaded the audio files here if you want to take a look: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VPgJY ... Np0US2qnlF

I've ruled out an app on the iPad since it does the same in both apps. I wonder if it could be the iPad adapter, or maybe it's a problem with the mixer? Any suggestions for how I can fix this?

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Re: Odd problem with sound effects increasing in volume

Post by StargatePioneer » Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:31 am

It could be the USB driver acting up. We've definitely seen enough of that for it to be a consideration.
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