120 Days with the MixPre-6

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120 Days with the MixPre-6

Post by joshuacliston » Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:15 pm

I will keep this short.

• The pre-amps really are that-damn-good. It's rare to my untrained ears that I can hear a real difference between pre-amps, but as soon as I plugged my various mics into the MP-6 I noticed the quality instantly.
• The analogue limiters are both functional and also have a musical quality that only quality limiters can pull-off. For in-person interviews I haven't used a better piece of gear for handling loud speakers.
• The ease of recording and using the MP-6 as an interface is dead-simple and the recorded files are faultless (no glitches, artifacts, drop-outs, electrical interference, other).
• The metering is leagues ahead of the metering on my R-05 and my Zoom H5.

• The price in Australia was very high!
• When recording there is no way to see the time elapsed etc. in large text on the screen (the ability to toggle - using the universal STAR button - from your meters to a screen with time-elapsed and space left on SD card etc. would be ultra handy).
• The batteries (regardless of cost) do seem to drain more quickly than I expected, so I've been running the unit mostly on USB-C power from my 2017 Mac Book Pro (note: as soon as I can afford a pro-level USB-C battery block I'll start using one of those in the field, and have the batteries in the unit as a back-up only).
• When I'm using my 2012 iMac I have to use a split USB-C to 2 USB cable to power the MP-6 fully, but the latest version(s) of Skype for MacOS do not like the config and if you have to close and re-open Skype for any reason (say a drop-out during a call) then all the defaults in Skype reset to internal mic / internal speakers, which = annoying!

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Re: 120 Days with the MixPre-6

Post by StephenJondrew » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:07 am

Thanks for posting this, Josh. You make me want to get my hands on one.
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Re: 120 Days with the MixPre-6

Post by Welsch » Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:36 am

I'm so very tempted to get this bad boy. The short battery span kind of worries me, but those pros are way too juicy. Are you still using yours, Joshua?

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