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Guest Audio Contributors Needed for future On The Bubble pods (Be Like Stargate Pioneer)

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:41 pm
by joshuacliston
Hi All,

My show On The Bubble podcast is in need of Guest Audio Contributors to read and record selected pieces of text, quotes, Tweets, etc. for upcoming episodes of the show.

On The Bubble is pretty niche (it's about TV Fan Campaigns and save-our-show projects) so it's not exactly mainstream and I can't offer much besides S/O's in the episode and links in the shownotes, but people seem to really like the show, and I work really really hard on the prep/production of the show, so you will be part of a good sounding show :D

Our very own Stargate Pioneer contributed some key pieces to OTB006 - all about DEFIANCE.

Direct Message me here on TPF or
Email: or DM me
The Tweeter and Insta: @joshuacliston

Thanks all, hope to hear from you and talk POD.