The Worst Podcasting Advice I hear Every Single Day!

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The Worst Podcasting Advice I hear Every Single Day!

Post by joshuacliston » Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:23 pm

The single worst and most useless piece of podcasting advice I see thrown around by both 'pros' and other folks online is the following: "don't worry about the gear, or your sound, if you content isn't amazing then the sound won't matter anyway" (or something very similar to this).

Sorry, but that's just plain wrong. That same logic would have aspiring drummers not buying the nicest sounding and most durable drum kit because they're not Danny Carey from TOOL, or aspiring guitar players not buying the most playable and stable acoustic guitar because they're not Ed Sheeran.

Sure, you don't need to break the bank early on in podcasting, buying gear that's beyond your budget, or simply does more than you need it to. There is plenty of good choices at the lower end price wise, but to say that sound doesn't matter (only content does) and that audiences just want to hear great content and don't care about sound all that much, is such a load of BS!

My other issue is a more philosophical one: by telling newcomers to the medium that their worries about gear are misguided and that all they should be worried about it the content, is setting those new podcasters up to feel pretty damn disappointed when the finished product lacks any sense of a professional sound. Careful choices around your gear early on can give you both confidence in your sound, and also can help keep your long term budget under control: you don't end up swapping out mics and gear 5 times before you're happy [ <<<< I'm patient zero for this behaviour, don't be like me!!! ]

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