Fun Accomplishment This Week on my Show

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Fun Accomplishment This Week on my Show

Post by StephenJondrew » Sat Apr 01, 2017 11:59 am

So I had a really fun accomplishment this week on my podcast (The Official GonnaGeek Show). This week we did a fun one-time special covering a recent Musical cross-over event that happened on a television show. This is something that has been leading up to since it was announced months ago (my cohosts gave in the clever name "GonnaGleek" because some of the actors were previous Glee actors). ANYWAY, there were two parts that I consider to be pretty big accomplishments for me this week.

First off - to go along with the musical gag, I ended up pre-recording a slight musical introduction but I staged it so my cohosts had no idea what was going on. We're a live video show so and I set it up so it sounded like my usual introduction and then had the musical component inserted. Admittedly it was really weird though to sit back and watch myself introduce the podcast as we recorded.

Secondly - my setup involves a sort of skypeasaurus setup. It has multiple sound cards feeding in to my audio mixer and then I have video software that bridges the video all together. While I've done shows plenty of times with 3 guests, this was my first full episode with four. I think I pushed my Behringer X1622USB as far as I think I can as I had every channel unmuted as well as had the 4 skype mix-minuses, plus one mix-minus to record everyone except me (it's a backup track I do via the Xsplit recording). It was fun also to see my Zoom H6 using all 6 tracks recording.

This was a just fun episode to accomplish for me as I didn't know how it'd go through computer resource consumption, board mix-minusing or if the pre-recorded intro would work right and that the jig would be up.
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