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I've stayed w/ my main host (Libsyn) mostly because I like the people who work there.

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 9:58 pm
by joshuacliston
Hey guys,

After just watching a less than satisfying exchange between one-of-our-own and a Podcast Hosting Boss on Twitter. I started thinking about why I've stayed stayed loyal to Libsyn for the past 7years. And it's not entirely due to their quality hosting and services, it's also because they have great (and friendly) people.

Case in Point: I've recently tried a free hosting provider called WHOOSHKAA from here in Australia, and to-be-honest, it's pretty amazing. The interface is 'beautiful', the set-up was easy, the player looks really great, the stats interface also looks great, and at least for me here in AUS, the downloads are lighting quick. Oh yeah, the owner is one of the nicest (and most responsive) people I've EVER come across in Podasting. As for Whooskaa being free: it appears the their main business model is producing Branded shows for big clients, and also servicing some of the major radio brands here in AUS (radio is still a Billion $ plus industry here ... so I'm assuming that Whooshkaa are charging those corporate clients accordingly).

But the main point here is that I've never considered moving away from Libsyn, and for my existing shows hosted there, I probably won't - but it took a person just as friendly (and engaging) as the staff from Libsyn to change my mind at all about possibly going with someone else in the future.


Re: I've stayed w/ my main host (Libsyn) mostly because I like the people who work there.

Posted: Thu May 31, 2018 1:20 am
by StephenJondrew
I totally understand your logic on this. For years I stayed with a specific webhosting company for this exact same reason. There were better deals to be had, some with better features. However, I kept with a certain company for years because I really liked the people running the place. In fact, I almost abandoned my quest to move my hosting back to Canadian soil because I felt bad leaving them.

Conversely, I recently cancelled a podcast service because I didn't like one of the key players. I couldn't in good conscious keep giving my money to them, even though I knew there were some others that benefitted (that I did like).