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Forecast - podcast chapter tool

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 10:13 pm
by yakko
I just put out an episode encoded with Marco Arment's new tool Forecast. Essentially it embeds chapters in your mp3 file, and it was drag and drop simple (after he fixed a bug in long files Audition makes). I make markers in Audition when I edit like normal, and when I save the wav file, Audition embeds the metadata in the file (much like a Zoom recorder also can do). Forecast reads those files and you can add images for each chapter as well as the other id3 tags. It worked well, and I also confirmed that using another editor like mp3tag doesn't destroy the chapters. If you want to check out my podcast it's here, but your podcast app must support mp3 chapters for it to work. There's a list of apps and the features they support here.